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Calvary Chapel of Olympia

We wants to say "Thank You" to leader Gary Thomas of Calvary Chapel of Olympia. The church has an annual camp and also contributes a lot of volunteer work during their camp – as well as during the off-season. They are a long time Panhandle 4-H supporter. The photos below show volunteers replacing the aged and deteriorating log booms in the swimming area. This was a large project, completed in one day, using heavy equipment donated by one of their members. They completed the entire project themselves. We wanted to acknowledge their loyal support thought the years. Additionally, they are doing landscaping and trail work during their weeklong stay.

We are so grateful for their volunteerism.

You can see below how the kids were having a great time constructing a cardboard village near the waterslide and other playful activities. This is truly a happy family camp.

Very .. very special opportunity. Check out the helicopter pictures below.






        What an exciting time

        Up .. up & away

        Boy!! What a view of Panhandle

        Let's go over there

        Back already .. that was to short

        Let's go again .. PLEASE



Again .. Thanks so much!